2016 Archive

Cupid's Bow Cello Duo (Left)                      Jon Gjylaci (Centre)                           Mat Walklate (Right)        


FRIDAY 13th MAY 2016

2pm - 3pm
The George Formby Society, Westhoughton Branch 
6pm - 8.30pm
James Holt (Vocal, Guitar, Songwriter)
Dave Peters (Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Slide Guitar, Songwriter)
Tori Wooff (Vocal, Guitar, Songwriter)
Mat Walklate Duo (Harmonica, Flute, Uilleann Pipes, Vocal, Guitar)

SATURDAY 14th MAY 2016

1.30pm - 2.30pm
Pupils of Opus1 Music Studios

3pm - 4pm
The Bolton School Jazz Band

6pm - 8.30pm
Cupid’s Bow (Cello Duo)
Jon Gjylaci (Classical Guitar) and Mike Walker (Percussion)

SUNDAY 15th MAY 2016

1pm - 4pm
Rivington & Adlington Brass Band
The Kadenza Women’s Choir
The Bromley Cross Community Choir
The Bennett Singers

The Horwich Music Festival 2016 was supported by Horwich Town Council, 
organised and staffed by a team of volunteers & MC'd by Mike Walker

Organising Committee
Neil BrownCouncillor Chris Root, Helen & Mike Walker

The George Formby Society, Westhoughton Branch (Photo © Helen Walker)
James Holt (Photo © Bolton News)

Dave Peters (Photo © Bolton News)
Tori Wooff (Photo © Helen Walker)
Mat Walklate Duo ((Photo © Helen Walker)
Bolton School Jazz Band (Photos © Helen Walker)
Cupid's Bow Cello Duo & Mike Walker (Photo © Helen Walker)
Jon Gjylaci & Mike Walker (Photo © Helen Walker)
Rivington & Adlington Brass Band (Photos © Helen Walker)
Kadenza Women's Choir (Photos © Helen Walker)
The Bromley Cross Community Choir (Photos © Helen Walker)

The Bennett Singers (Photos © Helen Walker)
See you next year! (Photo © Helen Walker)