2018 Archive


FRIDAY 4th MAY 2018

2pm - 3pm
The Dixie Beats (Trad. Jazz)

6pm - 8.30pm
Helen Walker, Dave Peters, Dan Borszcz, Mike Walker 
+ Guests Danny Liptrott & Paddy Peters 
 (Pop, Folk & Rock)


2pm - 3.30pm
Casper Mason (Singer / Songwriter) 
Sam Bate (Vocalist / Musical Theatre) 
Tonge with the Haulgh Community Choir
(THCC Musical Director Gillian McLaughlin)

6pm - 8.30pm
Charlie Dore with Julian Littman
(DARK MATTER - Spring 2018 Tour Date)

SUNDAY 6th MAY 2018

2pm - 4pm
Hassan Erraji & Oriental Craze (World, Folk & Roots)
(Hassan Erraji, Oliver Dover, Craig Scott, John Arnesen, Sofia Erraji)

6pm - 8.30pm
Horwich RMI Brass Band 
(Musical Director Matt Ryan)

The Horwich Music Festival 2018 was supported by Horwich Town Council, 
organised and staffed by a team of volunteers & MC'd by Mike Walker

Sound & Lighting by Leon Deakin

An exhibition of artwork by Morrigan ran in conjunction with the HMF
at the Horwich Community Centre 4th, 5th & 6th May 2018

The Dixie Beats' Concert for the Seniors' Lunch Club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Horwich

Organising Committee
Neil BrownCouncillor Chris RootHelen & Mike Walker

The Dixie Beats (Photo © Mike Walker)
(L to R) Mike Walker, Dave Peters, Dan Borszcz, Helen Walker (Photo © Ruth Mason)
Danny Liptrott (Photo © Ruth Mason)
(L to R) Dave Peters, Mike Walker, Dan Borszcz, Paddy Peters, Helen Walker (Photo © Ruth Mason)
Casper Mason (Photo © Bolton News)
Sam Bate (Photo © Bolton News)
Sam Bate & Tonge with the Haulgh Community Choir with their Musical Director Gillian McLaughlin (Photo © Bolton News)
(L to R)  Mike Walker, Julian Littman, Charlie Dore, Helen Walker (Photo © David Wooff)

Hassan Erraji & Oriental Craze (Photo © Bolton News)
Horwich RMI Brass Band with their Musical Director Matt Ryan (Photo © Mike Walker)
Art Exhibition by Morrigan (Photo © Bolton News)